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LClock preview  download LClock.

How LClock can easlily be configured in 7 steps to get the month-day + 24 hours displaied.
After having installed it, click on the clock on the tray bar with the right mouse button.
Select properties - LClock
Now follow the screenshots below.
The week days names and month names are in italian (screenshot 'Clock' and 'Calendar'): just translate them in your language.
At the end save pressing Ok.
Some data to be inserted (copy and paste)
ITClockDay of week:DO/LU/MA/ME/GI/VE/SA
Calendarweekday names:D/L/M/M/G/V/S
Calendarmonth names:Gen/Feb/Mar/Apr/Mag/Giu/Lug/Ago/Set/Ott/Nov/Dic
send data for your language, will be added here

For suggestions or error report, send an eMail.

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