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Recipes Index
Traditional Chinese Rice
Traditional Japanese Rice (sushi)
Parmigiano Cheese Rice
Pumpkin Risotto
Pumpkin and Potatoes Soup or Cream
Pumpkin Ravioli
SpinacoPita (spinach savoury pie) or Spanacopita or Spanakopita, greek: Σπανακι-πιτα
Ham and Mushrooms savoury pie
Pumpkin savoury pie
Gratinated Pumpkin
Boiled potatoes
Quiche - savoury pie with courgette
Quiche Lorraine - savoury pie with bacon
Quiche - savoury pie with taleggio cheese and mushrooms
Bread with Low yeast content
Focaccia (white Pizza, bun) with Low yeast content
Bread with natural yeast (from Daniela)
Bread with yeast dough (from Tilde)
Focaccia (white Pizza, bun) with natural yeast
Must Bread with natural yeast
Barley Azyme Bread (yeast-less)
Potato Cheese Scones - traditional Scottish bread
Potato Cheese Pie
Omelet with potatoes
Omelettes with ricotta cheese
Raviggiolo Cheese
Yogurt or yogourt or yoghurt
Ovened Salmon
Greek Yogurt Cream (sugarfree cake !)
Cheese Cake
Chocolate chips Muffins
Triple chocolate Muffins
Lemon (crostata) Pie
grandmother Pie
Apple (crostata) Pie
Apple Strudel - ApfelStrudel
Wild Berries Pie
Roses Pie with natural yeast
(Stale) Bread Cake
Buckwheat Pie - Schwarzplententorte - Torte de Poia (ladin)
Spelt Pie
Walnut and Chocolate Pie
Chocolate and Walnut Pie
Ricotta cheese cake
Apple Fries
Ricotta cheese and cocoa cream
Pain d'Epice - Pain d'Epices - Spiced Bread - GingerBread
Hot Cross Buns
WeihNachtsTorte - Christmas pie (sugarfree !)
Tenerina Cake
Choco Puff Rice bars
Puff Rice bars 'from Mars'
Pasticcera cream
Cocoa pasticcera cream
TiramiSu lite
Palacinke - Palačinke - Palatschinken - Crêpes
Buckwheat Cookies
Tea Lemonade
Vin brulé - Mulled wine
Apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice drink)
Lattella (milk and fruit juice drink)
Ice-creamed barley drink

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Book: "Tutti a tavola, le ricette della provincia pesarese", author: "Valentino Valentini"; printed by Grapho5 Fano; October 2004
Recipes traditional collection from Pesaro and interland. Some are really stranger. For example: toast with sardine, toast with folpetto's 'merdoline', toasts with fishing-frog's liver, ...
NOTE: Folpetto is a small cuttlefish and 'merdolina' stands for the envelope that holds interior and eggs. Do not make the BIG mistake to get fooled by the un-desirable names, it would be an invaluable error !.

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