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Solidal Buying Groups
G.A.S. is an acronym for the italian expression Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale = Solidal Buying Groups.
Gas are a number of consumers that cooperate in order to buy food and other commonly used goods directly from the producers or from big retailers at a discounted rate.
In a Solidal buying group the guidelines in the choice of the products and the producers are the respect for the environment and the solidarity between the members of the group, the traders and the producers. More in detail, these guidelines lead to the choice of local products (in order to minimize the environmental impact of the transport), fair-trade goods (in order to respect disadvantaged producers by promoting their human rights, in particular women's, children's and indigenous people one's) and reusable or eco-compatible goods (to promote a sustainable lifestyle).

This description comes from the internet site: retegas.org national reference for Italy.
Should you be interested to know more you can visit it. There's a section in english language too.
The same site has a list of (near) all of the italian gas.

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