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Sugar Blues book cover Book: "Sugar Blues" author: William Dufty.
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Document updated on 2006/11/25

First of all it is important to say that before facing a diet it is suggested to address us to our doctor, which will be able directiong us to the right diet, keeping into account our specific needings and requirements.

If I ask you: It is worth to live a life by eating as a sick person to die in health ?
If your answer is NO!, well this page is not for you.
If your answer is: obviously NO, who ever likes bad-food eating ? What do you mean with eating as a sick person ? Well you are in the right place.

What follows is just a -theoretical and general- speech, but in my opinion very important.
This concept needs to be kept in mind before starting a diet.
I'll try to explain it by using a similitude. We are like a river: it is fed from one or more sources and ends to the sea.
It has its reservoirs: handles, small lakes, stratum basements, ...

normal river narrow river fat river
Normal river Narrow river Fat river
River shown in all of the 3 states in different colors   Legenda:
s1, s2 = sources
L = Lake
sea = Sea
thin/normal/fat river
in false colors

In an elementary (and rough) way, if the sources introduce in the river a 'tot' amount of water, the same exact amount ends to the sea (less the water that evaporates while flowing).
If the water contribution is changed abruptly, f.i. increasing the number of sources, there will be a settle-up period in which the several 'reservoirs' accumulate (smalls lake increase of level and size, ...) but then, once stabilized, we will have a wider river and higher small lakes but 'tot' water enters, 'tot' water exit (only the evaporated water is lost). Also abruptly reducing the water contribution, the river gradually adapts to the new situation becaming 'lean' and once stabilized, again, the in-water equals to the out-water.

This similitudine is to say that it does not makes sense doing a diet in order to decrease 'tot' Pounds, because once decreased, when resuming to eat like before, the weight too goes back as before, it's just a matter of time (weeks or months or years).
Therefore we MUST resign ourselves eating less and it's best if we make this gradual, otherwise we do not succeed to accustom us to the idea that it's a new way of life and not a temporary effort.
The reason for graduality is either physiological and psychological.
This can be translated in the rule that the more quickly you become thin, the more quickly you will raise to the old weight.
A similar speech can be made in order to lose weight, but for this case, there are usually mostly psychological obstacles.
It's difficult to say which is the correct caloric requirements of anyone, since this depends on the type of activity and the metabolism.

In my case if I see that in the arc of 1 week or 1 month the weight has increased of a 1-2 Pounds (the weight has daily oscillations of 2-4 Pounds, but making the average along several days and measuring the weight always at the same time, you get exact measures) I know that I have eaten too much and consequently I must eat less.

It is not the once huge-eat to 'fuck you' (the same metabolism helps us so far because our organism has problems to absorb all of the huge amount of nutriments that comes all at once without warnings), one must only avoid the slow and inexorable increase of weight along the weeks.

It's better eating any kind of foods, including cakes, but in (very) small quantities.

Phisical activity is very important too, you have to follow it constantly, you don't need do practice heavy sports, just at least walk for 20 minutes a day but avery day. To whom is oriented to oriental disciplines, visit: Yoga, Qigong, TaiChi.

Stefano Di Paolo

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